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Seanpcola thanks for the kind words. I have a 3 meter all one piece model that was given to me years ago buy a good fella, John King. That's the next one to haul out. But it is a pain to haul around. The wing, being one peice, is REALLY strong... but unwieldy.

JC: If I understand correctly, in Earthquake country, putting them below ground is a bad idea. But that is just a guess. It's one of the first things I noticed about SoCal when I moved here 16 years ago... all the power lines.

I would love to build another 2 meter Gnome. I see someone selling one here, but $100 is not possible. In the day I paid 60 to 65. And the 3 meter is an even better flyer. Gotst one of those in the stash.

I built this one back in the day using Tony Estep (sp?) technique of building the spars in an aluminum channel, caps, 007 carbon top and bottom, and the shear webs. All lined up and pressed together to set in a piece of angle channel.

Then cutting the centers out of the ribs and dropping the spar in. It's strong as an Ox but a real pain to do it that way. The ribs are not designed for it. And I was in over my head! It was my second build after an easy answer. I think if I start a new build (I started a Houston Hawk... alas it was destroyed in a move - tho I still have the condor fuse) it'll be something simple again... like a Oly II or IIs.

The stock Gnome is plenty strong.
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