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Originally Posted by ShaKaan View Post
So, in a totally hypothetical situation:
the ESC is rated at 10A
the motor naturally draws 20A
battery is 1000mAH 10C

What current would the motor draw? What would happen to the battery? If you change to a 1000mAH 20C what current would the motor draw then?

You don't mention the voltage of the battery. You have to know the voltage to determine the current.

But if the motor draws 20 amp and the ESC is rated at 10 amp the ESC will be destroyed. The ESC must be rated higher than the motor current.

Here are the basics. For a given voltage the motor and prop combination determines how much current (amps) will flow in the circuit.

Increasing the mah of the battery will only increase flight time not current.

Increasing the "C" will not increase current or flight time. "C" is the maximum amount of current the battery can safely provide. If the current in a circuit is 10 amps (for example) and the battery "C" is 10 then increasing the "C" of the battery will not increase the current in the circuit.

A 1000mah 10C battery can safely supply 10 amps (in theory at least). A 1000mah 20C battery can safely supply 20 amps (again in theory). So if the battery is 1000mah 10C and the current in the circuit is 10 amps then replacing the battery with a 1000mah 20C battery the current will still be 10 amps.

Also if you replace the 1000mah 10C battery with a 2000mah 10C battery the current will still be 10 amps.

Changing the value of the mah or the "C" will not change the current.

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