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Originally Posted by HuskySpade View Post
I've ordered a 9116 this weekend for guaranteed delivery on Tuesday, October 9th!

Pretty excited about this bird and it will be the fourth in my fleet. I have a couple coaxials and when I was ready to step up to the next level, I decided to go with a WL V911 as my first 4ch. And while its an excellent heli, i've had this deep down desire to fly a bigger bird. Hence why I pulled the trigger on a 9116. I figured it requires the same skill level that the V911 does, its just fulfills that desire of flying a bigger helicopter.

I don't intend on this helicopter to be a daily flyer, I've got my V911 for that. More so, "the bigger bird to fly outside on nicer days" sort of helicopter.

Im aware of the weak tail motor issues. But fortunately, replacement tails cost about $4.99 from TMart, and it appears to be a relatively easy and inexpensive fix to make (no soldering from what I understand?). Also considering this won't be a daily flyer, I hope that i'll get a few decent flights over a couple weeks from this thing before having to make the repair.

In anticipation of the repair, I plan to order a replacement tail motor and some parts for this machine on my next payday. I also plan to order a spare battery to have on hand as well.

By reading this thread, it seems most of you have had a pretty good experience with the 9116. And even though it has some problems, 9116 owners have been able to look past that and really get some great enjoyment out of this machine.

I look forward to joining the ownership club
Don't be dissapointed if you fly the 9116 after being used the V911 - there are worlds between them both in characteristics. The 9116 is like a loaded truck and the 911 is agile as a .. Porsche 911.
But anyway you'll get some fun out of it, regardless of its flaws - just fly it gentle and easy on the sticks - much more like scale-flying. You'll have to think much more ahead flying the 9116 because of its fatigue - it needs much more time to react to stick input.
If you want to save some money you can order spares of the DH9100 as well - they are absolutely identical to the 9116-parts, only swash and PCB have to be the 9116 ones.
I order them at banggood - they never had let me down yet and are quite cheap.
to keep this bird in the air for the next 2 months you probably will need:
2* Hollow Pipe, Helicopter Part 9100-8 (they bend quite easy if you crash - if just slightly bent - bad vibrations occur)
2* Inner Shalf, Helicopter Part 9100-6 (same as above - but can be repaired if pivot pins are sheared off )
1* canopy
2* Chopper Tail Unit, Helicopter Part 9100-14 (They don't last long - 50 flights in my experience)
1* Balance Bar, Helicopter Part 9100-1 (bends quite easy if it smashes your canopy or tail - can be straightened out if you are careful)
1* Main Motor Part 9100-10 (regular wear and tear)
1* set of main blades
and hopefully you will not need a new PCB - the quality in soldering and QC is awful to non existent

You can try to get defective used 9116 at ebay or buy unchecked customer returns like I did - 8 9116 in one month - just bought to cannibalise for spares - 15-20 bucks a piece including TX, charger etc... and found out that only one of these 8 could not be easy repaired - so I sold all but two to my friends and neighbours. (and still needed spares )
So now I'm the maintenance guy for the whole neighbourhood regarding the 9116 - never my workbench is empty ....
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