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Originally Posted by arnav View Post
Throttle cut or not, I had a fun weekend with the Edge. It really is a great "jumping board." Each day with it makes you into a better pilot. New this weekend: a wall into a hover. Very dramatic and impressive looking.. . There is just something so satisfying about pulling hard on the controls like that.
Got a handle on KE as well. The key (for me at least) was to make sure I am at a little up incline which helped to plant the nose higher up. The funny thing is, coupling was so hornedness that it was actually doing KE circles around unintentionally (which really made it seems like I knew what I was doing ). I am assuming it is becuase I am still flying with sport CG. Time to move it back further. Making the pull pull wire tighter cured wing rock completely. Elevators are rock solid. Got a few decent harriers but only if I add throttle ever so slightly. I guess you guys develop muscle memory for it.
Actually - if you've got some coupling in KE flight (especially enough to make it do tight circuits without you doing anything) then you're CG is off. It will have zero coupling (or close to it... I think I have a very slight rudder to elevator mix on my model to get rid of a tiny bit of coupling) when your CG is neutral.
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