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Did something I have not done in about a year and a half... play with my woodie

Seemed like this would be a good place for this post:

Phases of hobbies come and go. When I moved to my current location, flying where I used to fly became a 50 to 60 minute drive... so it was always easy to talk myself out of it. And I did many many times. No matter; I had astronomy and rocketry to keep me out of trouble!

Then it happened... a few days ago, practicing flying a Heli on Real Flight, I loaded up the Bird of Time and flew ti around a few flights... All of a sudden the my 3 meter woodie was callin' my name... "Fly me... fly me... Jeff... fly..."

That was that. Looking at the AMA map I found SULA and the Field of Dreams. I had not known of the group. And close! a 15 minute drive.

So I make contact... yes they fly 3 times a month there... Excellent!

Then I find out ... there will be no winches on the 7th... all the glider guiders are in Visalia! Ok ok new plan, out with the 3 meter and in with the 2 meter. No worries... thats what hi-starts are for.

I cycled the batteries 3 or 4 times on the 2 meter Gnome, yes... my old friend, built in 2003/4 (that is not the age of the battery!)... dusty, beaten, battered, patched, but not defeated RES Midway Models Gnome and patched a few covering spots.

I had to put an RX in there... long story... but I wound up using an Orange RX with a satellite and my new to me el cheapo eBay 2.4ghz JR9303. I found the JR pretty easy to program. Almost as easy as the SD-10G (my fav). Set up a spoilers to elevator mix... and for launching a rudder to aileron mix.

I was sure the hi-start rubber would break. Its not been used in ages. I even brought rubber to replace it. But nope! Worked just fine. The chute ring broke off once, but it was easily repaired.

Got in several flights. Of course I was so rusty I was all over the sky. Up down... up ... down... Call me a 2 minute egg! Darn thats a lot of walking... I miss winches!

Once trimed with the new to me radio, I started to find a groove... 3 minutes... then 4.... and finally a nice 5:02 minute flight. I set a spot and called it my landing spot. Missed it everytime!!! Gotta take out a little of the elevator mix as it was porpoising on spoiler deployment instead of the mushing I wanted.

Love the Gnome. Still indicates lift so nicely by lifting its tail... as if saying "Fly Me Up!! Come-on, a little up and circle please!!"
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