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Just got a chance to try the y911 for the first time. I have stayed up to date on the v911 and y911. But nobody ever said there were so many changes between the two birds. Many of which are positive.

It even comes with a battery cage, so to speak. So no need for the v911 Battery Tray Adapter Mod. Just need to solder on the appropriate connector and you're good to go.

The v911 had a very soft, flexi main frame. The SH6032 has the stiffest. The y911 is almost as stiff like the SH6032. Very nice. No need for those carbon braces some of you guys have done to stiffen up your frame.

Also, the v911's canopy post are very stout.

The landing skids of the v911, a hold back from the Solo Pro 260, was an item that I broke all the time. The y911's landing skids looks more robust. More like the design of the newer Solo pro 270.

The tail motor cage has a wire route. Though on mine, they didn't use that channel. The tail rotor itself has a cap so the problem of the rotor getting pushed to deeply and possibly rubbing against the motor, causing lost of tail authority is mitigated.

The flybar teether very freely. The linkages appear better molded. On my v911, I had to sand a little off the balls in order to get truly free movement. And the linkages were never as precised as the Solo Pro ones. Looks like the y911 may equal the Solo Pro's linkage quality.

I'm going to have do a write up comparing these two close cousins. But I think I may need to get a newer v911 to accurately compare the two. My v911 was among the first version.

I do hate the fact that you have to put your TX into binding mode every time. (Not too big a deal once you get used to it or if you're using the stock TX, which always powers on in binding mode)

The servo to swashplate link is much, much harder to take off and put on compared to other helis. But at least that's only necessary during the initial mechanical setup.

The canopy also is about 1g heavier than the v911. So that sucks. And the y911's canopy post is very slightly off where the v911's canopy isn't a 100% fit. It can however, be forced on, with the upper canopy post bending to reach the holes. A gram savings there is significant.
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