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Please help i dont know what to buy, driving me CRAZY

Right i really dont know what to buy so im looking for some help.
I know for definate i want an E-Starter plane so thats that sorted.
Now for the electrics. S
I think ill get the GWS Naro reciever, i hope the range will be long enough.
Stick with the 300C motor?
The real problem is with the power. I want the parts to last and hopefully use them in future models. For this reason i was thinking about getting a larger ESC than the ICS300, and for power i can find anyway in the UK to get the 2/3AA NiMH packs that i will need, but i can find LiPos easy which is what i will probably want in the long run.

My question, is it a good idea to get a decent charger like ProPeak Prodigy that can do the lot and get LiPos or NiMh, or maybe get a cheaper charger and find some NiMH / NiCd packs for know and get a separate Lipoly charger.
What kind of flight times can i expect from NiCDs or NiMH packs?

I know there are a lot of questions but i will apreciate any replies.
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