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Here are some shots of the pull-pull cables for the rudder and elevators. I started by mounting the servos and powering them up and getting them centered. The rudder was done first since they are the lowest when working from the bottom of the fuse. The cables are made from fireline fishing line. I have been using this roll for the last 10 years. I started by taping the line to a length of music wire and inserting the rod into the cable outlet at the back of the fuse and running the cable to the front. Working through the bottom hatch, I removed the line from the rod and tied it to the servo arm. A drop of CA to lock the knot so it will not come unraveled. Do the same for the other side. Now I have two cables coming out of the exits but not yet attached to the rudder. Next I slid a wire lead connector sleeve, purchased from local tackle shop, on each cable. Insert the cables into their respective control horns then back through the connector sleeve. Tighten each cable as best you can. Take your time to also keep the rudder centered (keeping in mind the servo is still powered and centered). When satisfied everything is as close to center as you can get it and the cables are tight, squeeze the connectors with some needle nose pliers. Place a drop of CA on the sleeves for insurance and then you are done. Same process on the elevators except you have double the cables.

Just for fun, I slid the bottom wings on and inserted the cabane struts. Put the battery in the hatch and gave her a quick CG check. Almost perfect. Could not believe it. Great job Pete on distributing the weight. Also put her on the scales. Reading 25.3 onces. Right on target. Took a few pics. Still need to finish the cabane struts and install some bracing wires. Glue on the wings then it will be time for a maiden flight

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