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Originally Posted by xquad View Post
I just built a 2-axis gimbal and so far is working OK i guess. I have 2 complaints:
1. I have to adjust servo arms so gimbal will travel max rotation
2. both axis seem to move with a "steplike" movement and NOT smooth.

I can handle the first problem but the 2nd problem I'm going to need you servo experts here to help me out please. I don't think it's the servos themselves but rather the gimbal software. Any thought??
It could actually be the servos themselves.
Some posters have reported Naza not playing well with some servo brands.
If you have any other servos around to experiment with, you may want to see how they behave even if they are not what you plan to use in your gimbal.
I assume that you are using the upgraded firmware.
Realize that an analog servo is not going to do well at the higher frequencies.
You could actually burn it up.
Leave the setting low for analog...
T J Gilbert is online now Find More Posts by T J Gilbert
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