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Thanks ggcrandall for your fantasitcally concise reply. Never even bothered to take a meter to the field to test packs after flight. One query, if you'll allow - won't the 45-90C allow the motor to pull too much for current for the ESC? With a 5-10 minute flight, I'm assuming the stock batteries are 10-15C.

TheWoodCrafter - the batteries never had a full flight on the MSC due to my lack of ability - the last flight of the MSC ended in a nose in crash with the electronics completely dead (ie no lights flashing, no response) For the other people I've spoken to, I've no idea.

Having done a little research into this, I'm guessing I cooked the ESC - judging by the threads on the Super Cub. The remaining flight or so has been on a Nine Eagles Extra 300 which has done similar things to its batteries as well, but has an LVC (I thought the MSC did as well...). What the LVC is set to, I've not had chance to find out. I assumed (haha) that it would be sufficient.

Also thought I'd upgrade my batteries for the Extra 300, didn't bother asking advice first and got a 2S 240mAH 25C from my LHS - the Eagle flew my other batteries, then halfway into this one's flight, the throttle cut - which I took to be the LVC cutting in. Now all of my other batteries (including the one for the MSC) will last a few seconds before the throttle cuts out. Given this has a snap-off prop to prevent ESC burnout on crashing - could this be due to the motor pulling too much current from the new battery, as the old one, following the previous logic, had a ~15C rating?
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