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Originally Posted by Chris.S. View Post
I was gonna try and give you a good well typed post but I'm lazy so here's my opinions in point form:

#1-Stop flying until you replace that swash. What you are doing to that bird is going to cause excess heat build up in the motor and likely the control board as well. Avoid doing more expensive damage just for the desire to fly a little right now. That's short term gain that'll give you long term pain. I won't even comment on any other flight control issues until the swash is replaced.

#2-For what you should get right now? If you want to progress further then a single rotor fixed pitch, take that offer for the cheap bird and get the sim. As far as radio, the DX5e will be more than adequate for this bird, but again, if you want to go further, you will want the DX6i or better.

The mSR would an excellent choice for you if you'd rather just have a brand new birdie right now. Maybe stay away from anything flybarless though (mSRx)...

Don't waste your money on a 4 channel from Ebay. Spend that money on parts to keep the 120 airborne.

Don't go back to a co-ax. That would just be counter-productive.

You've probably already explained this but, why don't you just fix your 120SR properly right now?
First thanks for the post and the great advice

I had, had multiple problems before and had ordered a whole lot of parts that took quite a while to get here as they weren't all in stock but eventually after fitting everything and it was taken for a flight I had the problem of it drifting backwards no matter what I did (could this have been the swash plate) as this was one of the few parts that wasn't replaced?

Anyway after replacing linkages to the swash plate, at different times both balls on the swash plates broke off and were unglueable(would you even attempt that normally anyway), hence why i permanently glued the linkages to the swash plate not knowing how stupid that was.

On top of that due to several (many) indoor crashes the rear boom connector broke (the one that connects to the computer board) and the main motor connector broke) so now everything is hard wired to the computer board. Which all seems to work fine amazingly.

I'm still going to fix my 120SR up anyway and order the parts this week, but was very kindly offered previously by battle dude to buy one of his 120SRs which I thought my wife could eventually use as she seems quite keen on the idea and even if she realises its not for her then having two 120s around is never a bad thing where i am concerned but someone else was showing an interest in them before I could tell Battle Dude I wanted one so they weren't available, but since one is now, that's why I am going to get one.

He is already sending me a much better tx free of charge which is extraordinarily kind of him so Im reluctant to get the simulator with the Dxe5 when I could either buy the simulator on its own from here at a currently reduced price

Which is the same place I got my heli and always seem to be the cheapest for everything and there service is first class or buy it with a range of upgrades which includes all the spectrum range but Im hoping to get a cheap DX6i off ebay and use it with that.

I do have the sense now that when the 120SR is fully fixed there will be no more indoor flying and had I started out in a park it would have been fine. It was because I was so use to flying co axials indoors i thought i would be ok, but these are in a differnt ball park I have discovered

Yes Im going to go with the mSR over the mSRx after watching numerous vids as it just looks like organised chaos and wouldnt be much fun for me and the common theme seems to be having the flybar makes it infinitely more stable. Which is what I want. I'm in no rush to go up the rankings.

Also does anyone know if you can use the same charger for both as the batteries are both one cell and the charger unit actually has a connector fitted to it so it fits the sr120 battery and if you take it off it very much looks like it would fit the tiny mSR battery. Obviously the charge rate would have to be 0.1A.
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