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Originally Posted by Mrhydrox View Post
I think that I maybe can set channel 5, so I can switch between GPS and failsafe, or maybe GPS and Atti and when I turn off the radio, it goes on failsafe.
I have heard that I have to set throttle at 50% when I setup failsafe, is it right???
I'm using that radio with a f450 Naza/GPS etc.

Your setup sounds reasonable, although you can get an extra switch if you mix one of the channels back to itself. So (say) you can have home-lock on ch6 and then use the dual-rate switch to control a mix on that channel, to itself. So then you can have course lock on the DR switch. The effect is that you have then three active two-position switches not two.

One other trick is that although GPS-Atti is handy for a switch, as you can't then toggle GPS<->Manual, you can't switch into compass calibration, or into Naza failsafe (which is not the same as the 6EX failsafe). The work-around is simply to create a new "model" for each combination. So I have set up with CH5 as GPS-Atti, another GPS-M, and a third GPS-Failsafe. It would be fiddily to switch in the air, but it gives you more flexibility.

If you set the 6EX failsafe throttle to 50% then if you switch the TX off (or if the RX comms go down), then the copter will hover. The default for the 6EX is I think 20%; leave it there and your quad would crash. I set mine to a slow descent 45% - I want it to come down gently if I loose control. Note that the other settings are held by the the 6EX receiver, which may not be pleasant if you're unlucky. On the other hand, failsafe is a luxury. Note that the 6EX fail safe is not the same as the Naza failsafe.

We have a similar conversation going on over on the other thread...
Try to avoid using transmitter = off to trigger Failsafe...
Does the Futaba 6Ch support a preset or zero throttle Failsafe for transmitter off? (Just wondering...)
That link doesn't take me anywhere useful. The 6EX receiver (can't remember the number) supports a preset failsafe on one channel (by default the throttle); other channels are held. Hence you can't trigger the Naza failsafe by switching off the transmitter. Turn the TX off, and the Naza sees the preset throttle and the other channels remain as they were => it doesn't know you've done it.

Apologies if it's been done to death, but I would say that you need to be a bit careful with the Naza fail safe. If you have it in the "ascend to 20m and then return to GPS location" for example, you probably don't want to trigger it if flying under trees.
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