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Originally Posted by SR120 fan View Post
So your post on the need to swivel actually hit home as I just always had it in my head it was simply a way of connecting parts.

Well a few flights later (very very brief flight I should add) I'm getting the same problem with the rear rotor speeding up and slowing down at will for no obvious reasons. Ive taken off the rear boom and checked the wiring (which is now where it should be and not just stuffed inside the computer board housing and can't see any obvious flaws. The first flights were completely fine.

Then I get another issue which Ive had before but can't remember what caused it. It just wants to fly backwards straight from the off. The swash plate is level, trims are set right and no matter how much elevator is applied (not that my elevator would do much anyway) she is still going backwards. The battery is in properly. Any ideas?

Now I know this has serious issues anyway and I shouldn't be touching her until I get a new swash plate, links and servo. But I can't help it with it just sitting there calling to me to fly her.

Im recharging two batteries as we speak so going to have another play which is stupid as I dont want to be ordering more parts but I can't help myself.

I'm going to order in the next couple of days a heli on behalf of my mum for my birthday (as she said just order the heli you want and I will just pay for it lol) and I'm seriously torn. Originally I thought the mSR was the obvious choice as I clearly want to practice on a single rotor and want to be able to do it inside the house but now im starting to have doubts and thinking should I go back to a coaxial despite it feeling like a step backwards. Or as I'm getting a new laptop from the wife, should I get a flight sim instead.

Actually just thinking about it has made my mind up. Unless anyone thinks the mSR will be too outrageous for me to get to grips with indoors I'm going for that as I need a working heli to feed my addiction and a flight sim will have to come latter as I will need a tx which I can plug in unless the one Battle Dude is sending me comes with that option. I should check now really.

I think I'm going to spend a lot of the day watching vids of the mSR and see if it looks controllable in my hands and also at different flight sims. Sorry for the ramble.

I will still fix up my 120SR and order the parts this week. I might also order a very cheap four channel of ebay that doesnt matter if it gets destroyed as my last one was so much fun and I need to fly something and it will probably result in less damage to the mSR if I get some serious flight time in.

I was gonna try and give you a good well typed post but I'm lazy so here's my opinions in point form:

#1-Stop flying until you replace that swash. What you are doing to that bird is going to cause excess heat build up in the motor and likely the control board as well. Avoid doing more expensive damage just for the desire to fly a little right now. That's short term gain that'll give you long term pain. I won't even comment on any other flight control issues until the swash is replaced.

#2-For what you should get right now? If you want to progress further then a single rotor fixed pitch, take that offer for the cheap bird and get the sim. As far as radio, the DX5e will be more than adequate for this bird, but again, if you want to go further, you will want the DX6i or better.

The mSR would an excellent choice for you if you'd rather just have a brand new birdie right now. Maybe stay away from anything flybarless though (mSRx)...

Don't waste your money on a 4 channel from Ebay. Spend that money on parts to keep the 120 airborne.

Don't go back to a co-ax. That would just be counter-productive.

You've probably already explained this but, why don't you just fix your 120SR properly right now?
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