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Originally Posted by zerouav View Post
ZERO Steadycam Gimbal Video
Scenic Spots Film (untreated)
This thread uses the term “steadicam”, which is wrong. Today, lots of camera mounts are sold under the Steadicam brand. However, the original Steadicam invention is comprised of arms and springs that transfer the weight of the camera onto the operator’s body. A multicopter has no human body and no arms with springs. That is why the use of the term Steadicam in this context is a mistake. Here is an image of the patented Steadicam element:

Garrett Brown is the author of Steadicam. Here is an image from his patent:

Garrett Brown is the author of a number of patents that have a camera with a counterweight, but it’s the additional elements that are patented, not the stabilization principle itself.
This stabilization principle had been known long before Steadicam. Here is an invention from 1931, where the patented object is a system with counterweights:

The patented feature of ECILOP drones is the method of camera rotation that uses springs on a servo gear and the use of a gyroscope for swinging prevention:


P.S. Is it a joke? It is not a "Zero-steadi470":

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