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Originally Posted by smoothflying View Post
So did it all work out with the new battery???
Yeah it did. I got 5 solid flights on it this weekend at a fly-in. The speed was better, but still not what I was thinking.

Unfortunately, I made a ridiculous mistake at the end of the last flight. Somehow I hit the spoilerons without knowing. Anyone ever do that?

So I am bleeding off speed to land, and all of the son, it dies and tip stalls. As I am walking over to get the plane, I cam completely puzzled on what happened. Until I get closer and see that he spoilerons are deployed.

Idiotic move #1: I assigned the spoileron switch to my usual rudder HI/Lo rates switch that I toggle between 20 times a flight on my 3D airplanes. So by habit, I rest my finger right above it, must have hit it when I was bleeding off speed, and never knew. I know for sure that I didn't hit it at speed.

Damage wasn't that bad since it hit at low speed, but the wing took damage around the center where it meets the lip. Other than that, a few hair line cracks in the fuse, and it killed my battery and esc. The fuse is flyable, the wing needs a little work. I am not sure I am gong to keep it, seeing that I have been very disappointed with the setup, and lack of battery room. I just don't have the time right now to mess with it.

Thinking about letting it go for half price, someone could have it back in the air in no time. Has brand new Hyperion DS09's in it. I'll take pics and post.

It is killing me that I made such a stupid mistake
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