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Originally Posted by kin View Post
Ok !Can you let me know what mechanic you will put to your 800 seahawk ? The SM tail system now already start to have a 1:1.25 high speed gear ratio version come out middle Oct , but after your question here . it is good quaestion . Now i start a big version for 800 size . i will use bigger strong gear to build a 700-800 size .I can sure the gear strong enough . because the gear is same from Align soucing and they are use the gear for their crazy 3-D flying . so sure ok . but this bigger version also come out middle Oct . hope you can waiting . the gear box is base the same size , becaise trex 700 is same boom size with 600 . so my gear box is no need change , i just change the middle matel side frame . just a little length longer or new gear distance in the frame . I sure can solve this problem . i have chech the bevel gear between 600 and 700. both can put to my gear box . i think your tail rotor will not make loading higer than the crazy 3-D pilot ! . the other topic already upload the information about the 1:1.25 SM-HGR (High gear ratio gear ) version tail system. you will ask .why this bigger version not make the high gear ratio ??? i will find the gear soucing in this moment ! no worry the tail speed too low ! i will solve this problem .
This is just what i was asking for,hope no offense taking,the meaning was a constructive diskussion, as i said,and this is just mine opinion....

I have up to date not seen one 800 heli with the sm raised tt...
Almost everyone that are stated runs 600 helis (scale) up to 6s
Some of them with a 4 blade mainhead but with 2 bladed tail...but still 6 s

Mine tiger just because you are asking gone run 12 s,4 blade head and 3 blade tailrotor,the week point in this setup is the supplied conversion set for lower the tailrotor in the fuselage,in this case the plastic umbrella gear,heliartist are aware of this problem and on theirs website is stated that a new metalgear is produced
And gone be replaced free thru them

I have the chaos 600 mechanic in the tiger,from the reseller i got a mail

" warning,dont fly the mechanic with setups over 6 s using multiblades head,can result in a gearfailure,new gears will be awailable in the middle of november"

So...both heliartist,reseller of the chaos helicopter states that can be issues with gears running a high voltage setup....and in that case to put in a another application with 3 more gears that not are tested is not a good i said earlier,this is just mine opinion...

If you can produce a raised tt that suits the desired application and do several test before letting it out on market its very good,like the new tt with stronger gears is very good,most of us that are in the scalehobby puts lots of efforts in ours scalehobby and dont want to see our works to be part of the mother earth
due to products that are not suited or to week for the things they are ment to be in

Like mentioned earlier,hope no offense taken kin,keep up the scalespirit with yours good work,yours ideas are shurly inovative and intime.

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