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I think I'll stick to eneloops. What ARE eneloops, anyways? I thought it was just a brand, but a lot of people swear by them as if they're an different kind of NiMh.

Yesterday was a comedy of whoopses. When the first round came up for the GL, I found that I had lost bind. When I went to bind it, I discovered that the trainer switch, AKA the bind switch, on the Tx was broken off in the on position. ****! Instead of having to re-bind every time I powered on, I first flew the round with the SE, and then went down to the vendors booths and got me an Airtronics Rx $$$! and started programming it. Neither me, nor Bob McGowan, nor another Air. expert could figure out why the dumb radio would work with the rudder on the rudder stick, but not the aileron stick. We finally gave up and tied the ailerons to the rudder 100%, and called it good.

The next few flights were uneventful, except when I turned around too fast and the Tx on its lanyard hit the SE and popped a hole in the silk. ****!!!

Around noon my freshly-charged-that-morning Tx battery was down to one third. Bad cell! That battery was doomed to fail, most likely mid-flight. Back to the vendors, who didn't have any. Wait! One guy, I'll have to post the company name when I can find it, offered to break down a bigger pack and re-arrange it to fit the Tx. What a sweetie! This guy takes eneloops, matches the cells to .01 volts, and cycles and charges them after assembly. Niiiiice! My radio will last all day on this 2,000 MaH pack.

I wasn't too good at hitting the landing field, though, and landed out many times. Who's cares, I was having FUN. I had the GL in this one big, dusty the thermal with about thirty other planes (no kidding), with the camera running and was doing well for about five minutes, but then managed to fall out of it. I was close to the field, but still managed to find all the sink between the thermal and the grass.

The best round was, believe it or not, with the full house SE, which is hard for me to control still. I managed to SPECK it, make a time of 9:12 out of 10, and HIT THE GRASS, all apparently (oops!) in "speed mode" with the flaps bumped up 1/8". I need to put a detent in the left stick, I really do. How?

Later, as the winch bosses were coaching me on better launches, I put a bit too much tension on the line, and the SE greased out of my hand. That doped silk is slick! I was holding it low, (wasn't ready to launch) and the H-stab hit my hand, knocking it half off. Lucky it was only half! I got it down, fighting a thermal the whole time. The SE's flaps only slow, they don't kill lift too well. I need to put crow back in.

Well... Breakfast now, and more flying! Wish us all luck!
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