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Originally Posted by jb_bak View Post
Hey guys, I need some advice. I'm going to send a skyfun up on a weather balloon to around 100K feet, and try to fly it FPV back to the launch location. I also will have an Ardupilot on board to do it autonomously if I lose video. I'm going to see some serious speeds, Maybe up to 300MPH. No motor or ESC, will be gilding only. Prop is useless at these speeds anyways.

What I"m looking for is ideas to beef this plane up and reduce the likely hood of flutter.

I'm going to need a battery for 5 hours. I'm thinking a 5000mah 3 cell to be safe, but I could go a little less.

I'm thinking fiberglass the whole plane, carbon fiber the ailerons, metal servo arms, 4-40 pushrods all with sullivan clevises and pushrod connectors.

Love to hear ideas
although that would make for a sweet video . i hate to be a buzzkill but . dont you thik thats a lil dangerous . if you lose signal that ship is just going to be a like a giant 3 pound dart racing down the sky . the damage or injury that ship may cause will be alot. have you taken into that into account .
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