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Originally Posted by m_beeson View Post
I used this gimball. It has rubber grommets, but I am going on a quest to find some more pliable rubber.
The grommets that came with it are quite stiff.

I've also got some more things that I am thinking about, but the isolation grommets are first on the list.
I've just moved all my gear from a quad with aluminium box-section arms to a DJI F550 (obviously adding 2 motors in the process ). There's much more vibration ... I suspect due to the slight flex in the arms. I've had all the props off this morning to double-check ... all perfectly in balance. The same motors and props ran turbine-smooth on the quad.

Test pictures (stills) confirmed vibration blurring. I've already got the gimbal on silicone mounts, going to experiment with rubber standoffs to see if they smooth things out any. But if not I'll be looking at a new frame

Shame, because the 550 flies well and has some nice design features.

Incidentally, one thing I've noticed is that the hex is more stable in a fast descent than the quad. I've got a fixed throttle position set up for descending from altitude ... -30% was as far as I could go without the quad starting to wobble. With the hex I've got -40% now (equivalent to 30% throttle), and it's still coming down smoothly.
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