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Completed the build, found glue on the front wheel had it stuck to the interior wheel well!!! This was preventing it from deploying, had to counter sink the forward cockpit pod plastic brace, the screws could not get enough bite, glued on the landing gear doors that had come loose from hinges, had to fix both engine covers as they would not find thier respective screw receivers on each sides, had to install two additional magnets to the rear cockpit cover, easily made switches to the elevator rudder swap, I have a slight warp on one of the rudder-stabilizers. Hope to prepare this model for 4S batteries. My aircraft is pretty loose...I thought it was going to be very rigid....but it flexes all over... nothing exceptionally bad.

Also I make note, the nose gear will be actuating any time we input rudder movement since it is tied to the rudder for steering. so even though the nose may be is not moving side to side or turning....but forward and aft. I notice the steerable servo is binding each time rudder movement is made while it is retracted.....I can not think of any way to disarm this while it is retracted....

May try to maiden tomorrow....well later today after I nap awhile....LOL

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