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Originally Posted by robh View Post
Oh, by the way, mixing in a little wine in the evening has a medicinal effect - helps to rehydrate, relieve stress (if you have any ), and help you sleep well. At least it seems to have that effect on me!

Oh absolutely. Better than any prescription for a full nights sleep. All joking aside. I don't suffer much from stress as I really try to keep everything under control with no surprises but as I've mentioned before the On/off switch to my brain is stuck in the "on" position. I lay in bed and watch the movie unfold with no chance for slumber. It's never anything important, maybe a house remodeling idea or a project at work I'm planning but sleep often doesn't come easily for me. I really thought that by my somewhat advancing age (55) my tired old bod would take over and I'd pass out at a reasonable time whether I wanted to or not but so far no luck.

This has been with me, realistically, all of my life. My dear departed mom took photos of me in diapers when I was a little guy sitting in front of the TV with a bowl of cereal in my lap watching the test pattern at 0 dark thirty. Remember that test pattern? The one with the Indian in the middle and the clock face or whatever surrounding it? If you're under 50 forget it, I'm talking black and white TV days. Mom got so weary over it that she rearranged the kitchen with everything dangerous up high and all of the food in the bottom cabinets along with bowls and spoons down low and the milk and juice at 3 year old height in the fridge. I had my own self-serve breakfast buffet at the age of 2.

We all thought it was cute until I had kids of my own. Then my youngest baby girl came along. She is the exact same way. She is now 30 and is still known to call me at 2:30 AM with a brain storm. I've threatened to shoot her but what can I say? Genetics.

My day is to wake up NLT 4:15 AM and walk around zombie-like drinking coffee and tinkering until at least 5:30 when I actually try to accomplish something. It usually involves reading one of the myriad of useless serial novels I'm in to. Then around 6:00 I turn on the TV, get really pissed off at the news, then go rouse the dog. And that gets him mad. He feels (and we've had this discussion) that no one, man nor beast, should experience daylight before 8:00 AM. He reluctantly follows me outside for our morning constitutional. At that point we both relieve ourselves at the "Zen tree", the one where all enlightenment and the truths of life are revealed. After that uplifting experience I come back in to consume more coffee and he.............................goes back to bed.

We had a party a few years ago and most of the dudes were in my age bracket. One of the guys mentioned that he had been to the doctor a week before and his physician had prescribed Lunesta for him. He went on to tell us all about the indescribably good night's sleep he was getting. The bunched up group of us around him looked like a Crack dealer on a Saturday night. Talk about prescription envy! Worse than Crack, a really pleasant night's sleep would be worth selling our wives into slavery.
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