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I saw this model fly in the ALES contest on Friday at the Fall Soaring Festival. Mr. Brady also had a few kits on display in the pits, and I gave the model and the kits a lot of scrutiny. I came away fairly impressed. The model has an appealing look to it, and from what I saw, it will out-perform my flying skills any day.

The workmanship on the fuselage is super, the laser cutting of the wood parts as expected is superb, the CF spars all come pre-wrapped with kevlar etc., and the ribs all get capped with CF during the build. Just looking at the kit makes you want to buy one (if you're inclined to build that is).

To answer the question in the above post, the rudder's vertical tail post is open at the bottom, allowing access during the build to install the elevator bell crank, and thus there is also access to install the rudder servo as well. The rudder servo mounts to the wall of the vertical fin under the bell crank, and the servo's arm extends out a small slot in the opposite wall, and the linkage to the rudder's control horn is very short.

In the end, I couldn't resist, and purchased on the spot kit # 35 (at least that's the number glassed into the interior of the fuse).

I won't be building it right away, as I've another project on the bench at the moment. But it will make a fine winter project (-:

(-: Dave Dahl
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