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Busted my Sky Surfer, I fear!...


Yesterday my Skysurfer hit the ground (dry ploughed earth) - hard - at about a 30 degree angle and got such a beating that I believe it is irrecoverable. This happened when I entered the down-wind leg flying about 10m heigh - not a strong wind, but the plane just accelerated fast and started dipping down, no amount of up elevator or throtle could change things (I was on half rates, this may somewhat explain the lack of reaction to the elevator).

The front of the plane seems to be unserviceable for all practical matters - bent, badly out of shape and cracked on the right side just where the sides are thinner. As this is the most likely part to get another beating in the certain event of another crash if it ever flies again, I don't think I will even bother to try to repair it, at least in its present form. See photos below and please be kind enough to advise.

Anyway, if any of you thinks there is a way of putting the plane in working order and reinforce the front your suggestions are welcome, of course.

If I ever buy another plane (finances are badly out of order, so that will have to wait, for how long I don't know), it will certainly be a bigger, heavier, more robust plane, able to stand some wind, and with a piggy-back motor (I know, bigger and heavier crash harder, but I never seem to be able to get out of some wind and, as far as I'm concerned, I am not experienced enough for a plane this light in whatever wind there is)

So, it seems I will be out of the hobby (though not of the interest in it) for the foreseable future. Pity, it has been fun while it lasted...

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