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I have a little expo in nearly all of my planes. My reason is, it smoothes the planes response to control inputs and gives it a more scale looking flight. I guess if I were an expert I wouldn't need to do this. However, after just a little over a year flying, I am no expert and will likely never reach a point where I feel I can make the ultra minute stick movements that would negate using a little expo. Most decent radios have it, so apparently a lot of flyers want it.

I commend anyone who has such a delicate touch that they have no use for expo. However, stating as a fact that using it is bad is probably a little inaccurate. Most of the seasoned flyers at my club, even the guys that fly the high performance aerobatic planes recommend some expo when helping me set up my planes. Since I've seen them do things with planes that amaze me, I'll go with their recommendation.

The Dynam C-47/Skybus is not a fighter or aerobatic stunt plane. I guess you can fly it like one if you like, but it really looks best in the air when it acts like the big cargo/passenger plane that it is a model of. For me that includes smooth turns, which is easier with a little expo. Mine is set to 35%. I don't consider it letting the radio fly my plane. I consider it using technology to improve my flying enjoyment.

By the way, keep in mind that the latest greatest real fighters all require an array of on board computers that basically add tons of expo and interpret pilot input to make the jets flyable. Without the help of the computers the planes would be un-flyable.

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