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(kinda OT) Tesla's NJ lab has been saved.

A deal has been struck to purchase Nikola Teslas Shoreham NJ lab.

this was the site where Mr. Tesla had built the big tower thingy. The fans ran a kick starter and several other fundraising projects to make enough money to purchase the facility.

why "kinda" OT?

Tesla, with his radio work built the worlds first Radio controlled vehicle, and it was a boat

Tesla's "teleautmoton torpedo"

This propeller-driven radio controlled boat, built by Nikola Tesla in 1898, is the original prototype of all modern-day uninhabited aerial vehicles and precision guided weapons—in fact, all remotely operated vehicles—air, land or sea. Powered by lead-acid batteries and an electric drive motor, the vessel was designed to be maneuvered alongside a target using instructions received from a wireless remote-control transmitter. Once in position, a command would be sent to detonate an explosive charge contained within the boat's forward compartment. The weapon's guidance system incorporated a secure communications link between the pilot's controller and the surface-running torpedo in an effort to assure that control could be maintained even in the presence of electronic countermeasures. To learn more about Tesla's system for secure wireless communications and his pioneering implementation of the electronic logic-gate circuit read Nikola Tesla — Guided Weapons & Computer Technology, Tesla Presents Series Part 3, with commentary by Leland Anderson.

website for image
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