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Originally Posted by MassiveOverkill View Post
So you're saying aerodynamics has nothing to do with it. An 8x11" piece of paper is going to blow in the wind just as fast\slow as a bullet in the same wind gust if both are dropped off the top of a high building (both being of equal mass)?

Heck we should quit making airplanes and cars aerodynamic and just make them like boxes..........get alot more storage out of them.
The bullet is being blow sideways at 5mph, but of course it only takes a second to travel to its target, so it isn't pushed very far in that time. Anyway, a small quad, or one four times the size, being flown into a headwind of 5mph, will both have to attain an airspeed of 5mph to stay in the same position in relation to the ground, there is no 'sail' effect with the bigger one.

Basic stuff.

BTW, a sheet of paper isn't aerodynamically stable so it's not a sensible comparison.

Wind (steady movement of air horizontally across the ground) has no effect on aerodynamics, it only affects landing, take-off and navigation.

Don't confuse wind with turbulence.
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