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There is absolutely no reason for you to be concerned if you establish the boundary rules up front. Try to break up the work into “parts” with estimated hours, and concerns / thoughts for each part. For example, “Open this wall up”… well that might mean moving electric, might stumble upon water lines, etc… The goal is to have each “part” clear for “Both” of you to understand and agree upon.

If you do the work, try not to start to many “parts”, keep the work contained, measured, and trackable.

If you don’t have experience in some of the work “part” be sure to mention this up front, for example, I never put up crown molding…. Well that means I may be slower than expected, or might wastes a bit more material than expected.

No way should you work based on min wage… 10-12 an hour seems very fair, the truth is you’ll spend more hours then you will charge.
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