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Originally Posted by slipstick View Post
Well I was going to abstain but since you're already getting into insulting anyone who disagrees with you then I'm off to vote as I initially thought....which was no thanks.

And that's not because I hate people who use wood (I am one) it's because I think RCG already has far too many forums which contain a few things I'm potentially interested in. They're already spread about all over the place and having yet another forum for people to try to decide if that's the right place to post their thread is IMO a bad idea. Just dilutes things further and makes anything specific even harder to find.

There are certain types of model I'm interested in and other types in which I have no interest. But the difference between them is not just what materials they're made of .

What he said, plus the fact that the forum structure is chiefly organised by the type of model built, and it;s functionaility, plus that such a Forum already exists, as per the forum description for this very forum.
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