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I was told on the motor design and construction forum that the rule of thumb is for ever g of weight 3g of thrust (power) it would have a lot!!
if you read this recently somewhere here it might have been me saying this LOL
(don't pin me down on the 3g, it could be more like 5g, I should double check, the comment was only meant to indicate that there is - as a rule of thumb - a trend)

however, this was the point I tried to make, that something is "inconsistent" here... the relevant weight is of course that of the stator and rotor, since these are the crucial parts of the motor and usually these parts make up most of the weight for the obvious reason that the motor manufactures try to build the motors this way since it's then a good design...

so, a rotor of 18x8 exactly as that of a trunigy or C10 but 3.5 times the weight that's strange...
it hardly can be due to more copper wire, the available volume is limited by the size of the stator & rotor, and since these are apparently quite similar for the Aeronuts and the turnigy/C10 there is not much room here for such a huge increase in copper filling

in short, IMHO, either the given weigth is grossly wrong or the give stator size is grossly wrong

if it's the latter (which from the motor name I guess it is), then the motor would rather be similar to the turnigy1811 and C10
so, if you're looking for an alternative to the C10 and turnigy1811 this could be an option, if you're looking for a more powerfull option I would be very suspicious
(maybe you could contact aeronuts and ask for more details?)

in contrast, if you look at the swanghobby motor, it is obvious that they are physically of larger size, i.e. the length of the stator is larger than for the turnigy1811/C10, and so is their weight... so, for them it makes IMHO perfectly sense that they indeed provide more power

was I right rpm=kv x v ?
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