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You're right! Some clever photographer or mathematician will probably tell me it's an illusion caused by relative distance. I'd like to get an answer from the teams about how much they flex but I bet I'd never get a straight answer ( ''Yeh, erm, it flexes by 90 degrees at a loading of 25 cows etc, etc,'' )

The line I should have drawn was this.

Dah dah!

My new Kyosho HOR. Do you like it?

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Just as I looked at the initial picture, I just thought 'now that's hangin on!!!

If I could nail lines like he can I'd be RC world bike champion in a week!

Another thought.

Instead of all those die cast 1:20whatever models just being of a bike maybe they should just do models like that first picture. Now thats a model I'd be more interested in. The original photo behind him, with the saying ''Yes, he really DID ride that fast!''

Whoever wins this championship, will know they got damn lucky because you just don't get more ''I'm absolutely at 100% every mm of the track'' than that first picture. It really was his championship for the taking as he still had that edge over Dani, and with Honda' (factory) dominance over Yam in the recent GP's, it makes me wonder if he'd have had the title in the bag by Philip Island.

I do hope he doesn't stay from the bikes for too long. You can't ride that fast without loving bikes. He won't go back to GP's of course but I'd bet he'd have a ball doing the historics. Give everyone a chance to see him do his stuff. Can someone book him for Goodwood? better still, Oliver's Mount nr Scarborough. <cool as ...> CHUFFING 'ECK! I think I've become a big fan of his!
Why couldn't he have mellowed that bit sooner... ?

Looking back at Ducati's MotoGP history, It would appear Casey really has been carrying that bike for a long time. Just where the hell does Ducati finding itself in such a huge whole that despite having a bike that CAN go fast (with a few days extra tinkering and where no one else really tested)

Did they REALLY(?) listen to Casey Stoner, etc about what was going on with the chassis or did the team become an 'Look Sonny, I'M the engineer here so just tell me stuff I can put down in some complicated maths you stupid dummy rider you...''

Was he inconsistent with feedback? His race results showing that? it will be some mystery to me about just what happened with him and Ducati over those years. They seemed a strong team, but the bike has just got progressively worse and only now seems like turning a corner (just realized what an awful pun that was, though it was not intentional, as a pun or otherwise).

Ducati, just what did YOU do?

Is it you need 'Carl Fogarty types' around that will make sure you get a winning bike somehow or other?

Just how the hell did you produce such an (overtly obviously) one man machine that eventually started to bite against the hand that fed it so to speak) Just how much has Nicky Hayden got to do with all this? How has he manage to steer the ship from his side of the pitbox because he has been there quite a while now and I don't see how he 'fits' into Ducati's mind. Are they just not taking any notice of him too? Are they both crap 'test/research/development' riders? I'm just curious if there is any viewpoint that differs of the possible scenarios that may occur that I hadn't considered.

Just where did it all go wrong for them?
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