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Originally Posted by Drewkc View Post
I keep hearing the stock prop sucks, I just got a bnf Yak 54 and horizon said since mine is a newer one it will be fine and has the updated motor mount and it doesnt matter and will fly fine, hmmmm not sure if i like that answer. I called my local hobby shop which is Hobby Hanger in chantilly va, a very nice hobby shop thats dedicated to planes and helicopters. They told me to just take it out to the field and fly it and that 1 in a 1000 might slightly be out of balance, and people from Rc Groups are eccentric whatever that means. Anyhow does anybody know of a good prop to use that is good for the Eflite yak 54??? My other problem is I never have had to balance a prop before all my planes have been parkzone bnf's like the trojan,mustang, wildcat etc. Is there anybody that sells or balances props on rc groups???, I would be willing to pay them I dont have a prop balancer. Could I buy a pre balanced wood prop???, but I heard using a wood prop is a no,no. I just dont want to fly a $400 dollar plane and have it break a motor mount and crash. Could anybody just recommend a good APC prop that would be could for slow flying??? Thanks and sorry for the long thread..Drew
Just a word from one of the less eccentric ones. I have always flown mine on apc 13x4e - slows it down and gives it tons of power - not balanced of course. I have occasionally got a prop that was out of balance, but generally they are fine. Making sure the prop is mounted true is more of a problem than balance many times.
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