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Better late than never...
Time to start my Brit Kit entry.
...and it is a bit of a contrast to the Dandy.

I was goind to make another small park flyer, but the unfortunate demise of my 84" Chilton DW1 ( really stupid tip stall on a model I have flown for almost 20 years) and I feel I need another large flyer.

Having really enjoyed my Majestic Major, a larger one should be a safe bet.
Enter the Junior 112 (about Junior 60 x 1.75)

I have a Saito 170 triple which has been waiting patiently for a scale job, but time is too short so I thought I would make something simpler in the meantime.

Eventually the Saito will get it's scale job so I am making the Junior suitable for a second engine, a Suevia 25 cc sideport.

The plan is too big for my drawing baord, so I have to use the table tennis table for the mod's.

Both engines weigh about the same and swing an 18x6 at similar speed.

Really I need a larger Junior, but 112" is the largest wing I can fit in the car (I have checked carefully with a mock-up).
It will probably need care with the throttle, but the radial sounds best at low settings anyway.

I decided on a one piece wing despite the handling issues, beacuse I want to stay under the 7kg heavy model limit. With a 1.3 kg engine, I will need to watch the weight.
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