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Originally Posted by pigly View Post
no, it's not a euphemism - it really does wobble. It looks like the support for the tail is an an aluminium tube, which has some epoxy or something else spread in side it and it is then ground out until the carbon connecting tube fits, The hole in mine is not round, so it has some friction in it and the joiner does not fall out but the up and down play is quite bad. My friend Brian's plane was quite the opposite. and he had to grind the tube down a bit until it fitted
Does anyone know the best way to fix this?
I know the problem. I have used some thin CA to thicken the elevator carbon tube joiner when it wears and get wobbly. This is maybe not enough if you plane has a fault in the aluminum bearing.

One possibility is using Xolorer large elevator. Bearing works just perfect if you cut a length from Aspire joiner tube and sand the opening just a little bit. Then lightly glue the carbot bit to elevator fin bearing (you may have to replace this when it wears out). Xplorer elevator needs some dremelling to fit around Aspire fin, but this is just a 20 min job.

I like to use Xplorer elevator on Aspire because it gives more accurate trimming and very positive elevator response with smaller movements (Aspire elevator has way too thick profile). I also firmly believe that original Aspire elevator has more drag.
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