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Originally Posted by Drewkc View Post
I keep hearing the stock prop sucks, I just got a bnf Yak 54 and horizon said since mine is a newer one it will be fine and has the updated motor mount and it doesnt matter and will fly fine, hmmmm not sure if i like that answer. I called my local hobby shop which is Hobby Hanger in chantilly va, a very nice hobby shop thats dedicated to planes and helicopters. They told me to just take it out to the field and fly it and that 1 in a 1000 might slightly be out of balance, and people from Rc Groups are eccentric whatever that means. Anyhow does anybody know of a good prop to use that is good for the Eflite yak 54??? My other problem is I never have had to balance a prop before all my planes have been parkzone bnf's like the trojan,mustang, wildcat etc. Is there anybody that sells or balances props on rc groups???, I would be willing to pay them I dont have a prop balancer. Could I buy a pre balanced wood prop???, but I heard using a wood prop is a no,no. I just dont want to fly a $400 dollar plane and have it break a motor mount and crash. Could anybody just recommend a good APC prop that would be could for slow flying??? Thanks and sorry for the long thread..Drew
In my experience, the majority of people that work in hobby shops are not the best source for information. There are a few in each shop that really know their stuff, but many do not. It's a good practice to balance every prop you intend to use. You probably won't have a "problem" with most smaller electrics, but the benefits outweigh the negatives by far. A prop balancer is one of the best investments a person can make. That's just my "eccentric" opinion...

Btw, I use an APC 12x6E prop on my Yak. Balanced of course...
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