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Originally Posted by HiroboFreak View Post
I'm having trouble getting the CC bailout to work with the Vbar.

Can anyone help?
I replied on the Freak..

If you want to stop the motor using Castle then you need to check both boxes in the VBAR... the auto rotation and the Idle during auto rotation... Set the hold to 40 and you should be good to go... Make sure you enable the auto rotation in the Castle link and I prefer to use 18 for the Head Speed Change Rate.

Basic Instruction for External GOV mode Using VBAR.

This setup should be pretty simple...

1.) In the Castle link you will need to set up the following...
A.) You will need to setup the Heli as normal with all your settings... if you are currently flying a model you should be able to update your Castle Link and then plug in the ESC and update the firmware... I do recommend setting the auto-rotation enabled and using 18 for the recovery for starters in the Head Speed change rate... I also use 4 for the start up rate on the initial spool up rate in the Castle Link. For Initial testing I would use current limiting set to insensitive and the LVC at 3.0-3.2v per cell. I am using the RPM Reduction feature but I am using a timer to stay out of LVC for now... If you hit LVC the ESC will drop the Head Speed by 25% and the VBAR will try to correct so theoretically you will have a max throttle of 75% and the VBAR will try to max the throttle. If you have not been using auto-liPo detection then you can continue to use the timer which I strongly recommend while testing...

2.) once the firmware is updated you can simply change your vehicle type to External GOV
Be very careful with setup and I recommend removing the main gear or removing the main and tail blades as you will need to test functionally on the bench.

3.)in the V-Bar interface you can follow Mr Mel's video on setting up the GOV in the V-Bar
I am running Auto rotation Bailout and Idle During bailout checked in the Vbar and my GOV gain is at 30 which is default.
Throttle Servo Adjustment in VBAR
Around 7:20 on the video Mr Mel is talking about throttle calibration and what I did was I used an external BEC to power the V-Bar Since the radio should already be calibrated to the V Bar I brought the High throttle slider down to 60 as well as the low throttle slider to 60... I plugged in the castle with the throttle curve in the TX at the recommended 0-50-100 with the stick all the way up and the box checked in the VBAR menu to have direct throttle should hear the tones on the Castle count the cells if in auto liPo and then you can increase the High slider until the ESC beeps to give you the full throttle position...Once you reach the High throttle position after 6 seconds you will hear the castle logger clear ( my High Value was 98). Then move the throttle stick down on the TX and use the low throttle slider and slowly increase the slider until the ESC Arms ( my low throttle was -124 ). From here you can follow Mr Mel's video for setup and you want to use idle 3 or Throttle hold set with a value of 40 flat line and you will want to return to -0- throttle in normal to return to soft start after using Hold or idle 3 for auto-rotation... please note when setup properly you will have a fast throttle recovery when the VBAR is in bail out mode.
4.) I strongly recommend testing on the bench and watching all of Mr Mel's videos on the setup...
Clint Akins
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