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Originally Posted by dr_patso View Post
thank you guys for a seriously huge help.. I had planned on actually getting to the path by skein lake and hiking roughly 3000isch feet and about 1000 feet elevation climb to the first peak.. then it would be almost like i was flying and i might recall exactly where i turned... and have a really good vantage point, maybe we'd even see it from up there.... instead of heading straight into trees trying to cover tons of ground at first... thoughts?

I so far only have 1 buddy up for the journey and we plan on sticking together with some protection... from what i've been reading i can preload amap into my phone and use it's gps atleast, no cell signal required... I'm trying to convince my ice climbing buddy to come, was his idea to walk along the peaks... not too worried about getting lost, lots of landmarks up there..

lastly, I realize the huge mistake I made everywhere with this flight... think I learned enough.... I didn't even think id make it to the peak once i was 5km out and looked so far still... once I was up there I had the sort of screw it mentality since I made it that far... on the ground it looks like one slope of trees and didn't think about los at all..

trying to show off? yea probably, i like the adrenaline rush too and I am so bored of local flying... maybe in 6 months or so I can do a flight like this with success! at the very least being able to find the plane, I will plan it out much better next time..
Dude seriously, buy a new plane, it's not like your son was on that thing.
This could turn into the first person killed in a FPV related incident.
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