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That's the number reported by Blaser for his plane. I hooked a WattMeter to my plane last night before swapping out the stock motor, and found it drawing 19.5A at 11.5V with a (non-stock) Turnigy 2200mAh 25C 3s battery and the stock (mis-formed) propeller. Volts times Amps =224 Watts. With an APC 9x4.5E propeller, it drew 23.2A, also at 11.5V, V*A=267W.

As always, Your Mileage May Vary.
I just put the original stock motor back in, and put an APC 9x4.5E prop on it since both my stock props turn out to be mis-formed (the blades are not 180 degrees apart! More like 178 or so). Also left the dual plug on the 60A ESC harness, so I'll be running the two 2s 5000 mAh R/C car batteries on it in series.

With that prop, it draws 27.5A at full throttle, and one battery fell to 6.7V. I'd guess the other is doing about the same, meaning voltage to the system is probably 13.4V or very close to that at full throttle. Rather unimpressive performance from the GensAce batteries. I don't recall abusing them THAT badly in the car.I'll check RPM too, now that the sun is up. Well, it's cloudy, hopefully the optical tach won't mind.

Might also try the 8x6 3-blade EMP prop just for kicks and grins, though it might be too much for this motor (ditto for the 9x4.5 2-blade). I'll probably pick up an APC 8x6E 2-blade if an LHS has one, they seem fairly well balanced.
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