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If you loose radio signal, then you want it to engage RTH.

In order to assure that RTH is engaged, you set your radio failsafes to level flight, and throttle off, and trimmed all of the way down.

The switch is nice for calibration, and in the case that you loose video.

It is also nice for the easy trip home (if you fee like it).

but you want the RTH to engage if your radio fails. So just like any other model, you have to set your radio failsafes, but in this case you throttle down and trim the throttle all of the way down for your throttle failsafe position.

Originally Posted by guy252 View Post
Hi All :-)

i'm a little bit confused and will greatly appreciate your help...

i've managed to setup the rth on the 3pos switch:
top - engage rth
middle, bottom - scroll down the menus
aux1 - select an item in the menu

- can i configure the bottom position to engage the rth?

tested it in the simulator and when switching to top pos the rth engages and the plane start is comming back.
when turning off the tx (turnigy tx9) - rth engages as well.

so far so good.

however, i've read in the manual that i should also set the throttle failsafe:
- how exactly is it related to the rth? when disabling throttle failsafe, rth lokked to be working the same.
does rth triggers the throttle failsafe or is it the other way around?
- why do i need to activate trh using thte throttle fail safe if i can do it using the 3pos switch?
- does 3pos switch actualy activates rth or rth in test mode?
- when rth was working in test mode, my servos were like shaking all the time. is that nomal?
- i saw that rth disengage when i use the sticks - will it also disengage when the guardian is connected and stabilizes the airplane?
- when its working in the simulator, does it mean that the system is configured correctly or are there any other setups i need to make to the EagleTree OSD system?

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