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this I was reported for.. and I can't even appeal with my normal account with username pavcon
that's why I created this temporary account so I can appeal..

why is this obnoxious behaviour.
moderators seem to award points without even thinking.. and how am I supposed to appeal when I can't even post.
Ive been one of the most active members since I joined the forum two years ago if not the most active member..
Ive been helping ppl as soonas I learn something new and I was willing to share.. now because of this herb guy and no one else I got 10 points out of nothing..
Is this really how you treat your users?? really now???
Ive got numerous complaints from you moderators as well.. it's ridiculous how you confront with these cases... we are human being s here.. posts don' t pop out randomly out of nowhere..
please see this appeal too (Ive got another one and still waiting for a verdict (I feel like a convict here for the first time in my life) for my main account with username pavcon..

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