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Originally Posted by Jovanx View Post
They are glued in with that soft flexible white stuff, and can be removed easily. If you just want to adjust the servo arm, you don't need to remove them. Just cut out a small wedge of foam and then you can get a screwdriver in there. There has been quite a bit of discussion as to why they are not centered out of the box, and the prevailing theory is that they are deliberately angled to allow the flaps to travel further.

If you were using flaps as ailerons, you would have to center them. I found that after putting in a stiffer wing spar, the effectiveness of the ailerons increased considerably, and I no longer felt the need for more roll control.
Thanks for the info. I'm not planning to use full-span ailerons, but I found that even with a 100% flap mix, I can't get more than about 10 degrees of flaps in crow, which didn't provide much airbrake effect. I suppose I could just move the flap pushrods a couple of holes further in on the horns & limit the throw only when using them as conventional flaps, rather than re-positioning the servo arms. However, I wouldn't be able to use full-span reflex if I were to go that route.

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