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Originally Posted by brushless55 View Post
nothing to right home about but it does well...

doing a KE is very hard for me on this plane.. not as much speed + the 40sum % extra weight + the 4 blade prop makes for hard KEs
I can KE my Polecat and SU26 all day

motor is perfect!
it a new version of my P-51 and we are past that one, it just feels different because we have agreed it is the newer motor

my findings and what I'm seeing on youtube line up to many on this forum..
facts are the 4 blade plus 40 sum % extra weight = more sluggish flyer than the P-51... you cannot get past that one
extra weight is more to lug around.. and many of us are looking for ways to shave off a few grams, why because we want a more zippy flying plane, and with greater authority

no degree needed to figure out that some are selling this plane because they are not impressed... just more math I would say

still a great little plane that I'm not putting up for sale...
lets see someone try and hover this thing.. that will show us how much power it really has
Shedding weight would not increase speed, however, shedding weight will increase vertical performance(loops), which is the area we are most worried about, wieght doesnt affect speed very much, its the same with cars. I guess what you are experiencing is the low end of what to expect, these motors are never consistent, thats a fact. Also the cooling holes that tell you this a newer version than that in your p-51 would not cause the resistance you feel, often less powerful motors have more resistance in them and thats a sign of its power. I would call it immediately a bum motor, you can do more flying and see if you enjoy it even though it might not be the most powerful. Sometimes if you call HH they will send one new motor as a courtesy. The best thing for motor longevity is to give it a minute to cooldown between flights, but thats been debated if it helps or not.
So if you want to go buy an sx motor from rcbabbel, i assume you dont have to many motor connectors lying around, I have plenty, so if you want to pull the plug on an sx motor, I might have an old burnt out motor you can send battman to put on an sx motor, that way you can still fly without having to sacrifice your spit's motor while rcbabbel gets your order ready,
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