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Originally Posted by MikeyToo View Post
I was not expecting the parts to be free in the first place. When I contacted them I explained the situation fully and offered to pay for a replacement. I would have been happy with paying for the parts and shipping.

IMHO, full-frame upgrades on birds this size are just adding weight with no gain. The two pieces I replaced (flybar and head) are weak points to me for the reasons given. The changes were made to address issues, not add bling.
See, and this is the problem with sooo many people on here who still constantly keep on pushing this age old prejudice that adding aluminum parts is (in by far the most cases) only for show ... and if they would bother to do a little bit of "homework" (ie true, thorough research) it would become clear that by now there are a whole lot of items that they all generally talk down as "bling" which are actually lighter than the stock parts. Interesting, hmm??

And to get back to the example with the frame: once the RKH frame is all installed, it is about 0.05g more weight than with stock parts (check the pics on their website or ebay: ... and btw, the SR120 aluminum grip they make is ALSO lighter than stock plastic ... but as opposed to the plastic canopy rods (of which I broke 4 by now on two different plastic frames) you get CF canopy rods they go all the way from one side of the frame to the other. Plus you can much easier change the boom from 2mm to 3mm than on a stock frame ...

But as we all know, all of this is only bling and adds weight

(well, as you dont seem to have an mCPX this example is not THAT incredibly relevant to you, but it hopefully shows that it pays to do a little more research on bling an NOT just go with the common prejudice ...)
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