Thread: Build Log 88" Tiger Moth SPAD 1st Build!
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I applaud your creativity and enthusiasm, but I fear your project is a bit ambitious for your first.

What I recommend for all first time SPAD builders is to start with something proven. A DPS is a great all around sport plane and the plans are well documented on

Building a proven design will give you experience building with plastic that you can apply to new builds like yours. There's techniques for gluing - like flashing the oils out of the coro with a flame. It makes the glue joint far stronger. You'd also learn how to make coro hinges - but it's too late as your wing skin is already cut.

I don't want to discourage you from this build, but I'd strongly recommend walking before running.

However, if you are going to continue with this build...

Make sure you stress test that wing before attempting to test fly. Support the plane by the wingtips - there shouldn't be any flex. You should be able to add at least double the AUW to the plane without the wings failing. A good sport plane probably sees more like 10-15 Gs - that means that a 10lbs plane would need to support 100-150 lbs. If you are doing slow 3D, it won't see the Gs, but an 8 lb plane can do alot of damage if it has structural failure.

Also, that landing gear isn't going to hold up to much. Do you have a source for 5/32 music wire? It's good for landing gear (see the USS build on STTB) and for stiffening short pieces of coro like your vert and horiz stabs.
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