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Originally Posted by coreman View Post
Just wondering. Does everyone feel the plane has enough control authority? I know one of the first things people do with the Polecat is move the rudder pushrod in on the horn. How is the authority on the Spitfire?
nothing to right home about but it does well...

Originally Posted by RealGambler View Post
Well, somebody here said he was doing KE with the Spitfire. (Still picking up my jaw since then!!!). Must not be so bad if that's the case. I was more worrying about elevator/power but in the last video posted on youtube, the guy is making some very decent loops (lacking of power at the top, but hey, for me, it's more "airplane" like...
doing a KE is very hard for me on this plane.. not as much speed + the 40sum % extra weight + the 4 blade prop makes for hard KEs
I can KE my Polecat and SU26 all day

Originally Posted by whichwaysup View Post
HMMMMMmmm - BL55, I think you have a bum motor. Think about it for a minute. You and Airman had completely different experiences, and while some of that could be explained by different altitude and expectations, the difference was pretty dramatic. I've replaced more of these little motors than I care to think about, and have had stock motors that have that resistance and they ALWAYS have less power than the ones that did not. We're getting more and more positive reviews, and your experience is looking more and more like an outlier, which would make sense if you've got a motor that is less powerful than everyone elses.

I doubt this thing is a rocket even with a great motor, but it sounds to me like you may want to try a different motor on yours and see if you see a difference.

motor is perfect!
it a new version of my P-51 and we are past that one, it just feels different because we have agreed it is the newer motor

my findings and what I'm seeing on youtube line up to many on this forum..
facts are the 4 blade plus 40 sum % extra weight = more sluggish flyer than the P-51... you cannot get past that one
extra weight is more to lug around.. and many of us are looking for ways to shave off a few grams, why because we want a more zippy flying plane, and with greater authority

no degree needed to figure out that some are selling this plane because they are not impressed... just more math I would say

still a great little plane that I'm not putting up for sale...
lets see someone try and hover this thing.. that will show us how much power it really has
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