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Bob, a few comments:
1. Quality control problems aren't new, they've always been with us.
2. Monty Tyrell unfortunately picked about the worst example, some Frog 250s were very nice engines... and some weren't...
3. M.T. wouldn't have made those comments if Hearns had been importing ED instead of Frog.
4. The list of "good" diesel makes I gave certainly isn't complete, but it isn't "random" either. There are deliberate omissions.
5. All this discussion was sparked off by Fiery's comment about modern "quality" CNC diesels that are so good that it's impossible to hand start them, for the reasons I mentioned.
6. I'm sure you'll understand that I get cross when such engines are called Elfin, ED, Amco, Rivers or Oliver, and that many of our "new world" friends think that diesels are that ****!.
7. I'm pleased to see that CS have stopped using the word "Oliver", now only "Tiger" (probably fearing legal action by Tom Ridley...). We're supposed to forget that they were riding on the Oliver name for years, until the quality difference got just too ridiculous.
8. Reggie's comment about Webra and Taifun is valid of course, but it's also the direct result of 60's and 70's EEC trade regulations.
9. I like GH's summary. I'm sure he's right, but it doesn't solve the problem of the thousands of b-awful "Elfins" and "Mills" like Fiery's engine that are out there, driving any normal modeller to glow or electric...
10. I can't be the only person who's noticed that, in terms of practical operation, the modest "Indian Mills" is far superior to the Russian/Chinese "Elfin/Mills", etc.
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