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Originally Posted by xmech2k View Post
Maybe the quality of the planes is due to what the Chinese view these planes as. I think it was on another forum I saw a post from a guy on a business trip to Hong Kong, and he chanced upon a field in between all the buildings where some guys were flying. He was amazed how with even just minor damage, these guys were just chucking the crashed planes into the trash, electronics and all. It seems like they're throwaway toys to them.
Having lived in Hong Kong for 2 years....I can tell you that is a for this whole post, which seems as usual to have little to do with the OP's original problem and more to do with the usual haters being handed another soap-box to tell the world how everything Chinese is junk via the usual "chinese whispers", half truths and outright untrue' somehow it is going to stop most of the worlds population from doing so, even IF it was true.....anyway, as I said, easily resolved if the OP would please drop me a line with details of his complaint, including the whole story so I can investigate.
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