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Powering Nr16 without internal battery

Following the late discussions on mA and co., and in the hope that this information will be useful, I have done some voltage and current measurements.

This information only applies when there is no internal battery connected.
The camera requires an absolute minimum of 4.18V to operate correctly. This value may vary with the type of card used. I would think 4.3V would be a safer figure.

Using a 5V supply, the current required is at a minimum 220mA. In my tests I limited the current down to 124.3mA. With this current, the camera would turn on but it wouldn't record (see picture). BTW, the camera, and all the other mess, is lying on an antistatic grounded mat - this is a *must* in dry winter months.

It is not possible to power the camera without an internal battery using 4 AA/AAA cells unless they are connected directly. Most commercially available cheap so-called "USB Backup" units which use 4 AA/AAA cells incorporate a primitive reverse-protection diode which reduces the available voltage, under load, to approx. 4.1V (4 x 1.2V - 0.7V voltage drop).

More expensive units may incorporate step-up electronics which ensure an accurate 5V (+/- 5%), but at the cost of power.

It is not a good idea to use 4 AA/AAA cells if you want to power the #16 directly without an internal battery, unless the output is regulated to 5V. Dedicated USB power packs or 5V converters designed to output 5V are the much better choice. Even with an internal battery installed, I cannot recommend using 4 AA/AAA cells as external power. I have stated this many, many times. Of course there are exceptions.

For more information on external power please read this post.

A nice German power supply

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