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Originally Posted by BarnOwl View Post
Nice report! By the looks of your video you are getting the hang of it!
Maybe your first flight had something to do with the balance of your plane? You said you had it pointing upwards a few times which makes me assume your battery is placed too much to the rear. Did you try to place it a bit further forward?

We had a discussion in the beginning of this thread about the proper CG point on this plane.
Probably CG wasn't spot on at first flight, even I tried to check it with the marks on wings. I was using stock 1500mAh 3S and I placed it to roughly middle of the battery tray.

And most of the hard moves on first flight were purely my mistakes - pulling elevator too hard, way too hard - as I have to do with my SkyRunner and it's "nice" Nine Eagles mini TX...

More videos and (hope not) crashes will be posted to youtube. Using head-cam (Jobo JIB 2 HD) to record those, no cam on glider - looking for some keychain cam to add it to canopy.
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