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Originally Posted by ssulti View Post
Hello from Finland.

Adding my thoughts and feelings about this glider.

After 7 or 8 flights and after one crash I have to say that this glider is suitable for (almost) beginners... I have had only one glider before - Nine Eagles SkyRunner and upgraded to Phoenix 2000. Ok, I have had helis over year and some quads also, so I'm not an total beginner on RC, but...

First flight was an shocking experience (lasted barely 5 minutes), D/R and throws were way too big, almost crashed it, several times got it pointing upwards and stalling. Saved and got it down without any brakes or flaps. Second fligh was easy flying, but used motor quite much - no problems with heat nor ESC problems.

Third flight, ended to an disaster almost ending my glider hobby. On landing, butterfly deployed, roughly 1-2 feet from ground slight breeze lifted left wing causing right to touch softly to (gravel) ground - nose to ground and engine got busted - axle snapped. Ordered new (eMax GT2218/11 250W) engine and fixed rear bolt hole from right wing (ripped off, hot glue).

Stock config was upgraded by local dealer; some non-brand engine - not same what HK has and Riccs ESC (30A, 3A BEC). No problems with it, but going to add 5V/3A BEC to feed radio & telemetry (9X, Open9X, FrSky) gear on board. Wing servos are connected using single 6 pin connector; MPX Connector ( ), makes my life easier...

Using 4-channel wing config with delayed flying phases. I'll share open9x config if someone want's to give it a try, just send an PM.

1. Left AIL
2. Left Flap
3. Right Flap
4. Right AIL
5. Elev
6. Rud
7. Throttle

Yesterday flying, the best moments. Location; Siuro (City Of Nokia), Finland. Weather: almost 0m/s wind.
Nice report! By the looks of your video you are getting the hang of it!
Maybe your first flight had something to do with the balance of your plane? You said you had it pointing upwards a few times which makes me assume your battery is placed too much to the rear. Did you try to place it a bit further forward? The glider should actually go into a straight forward flight by itself if properly balanced.......

We had a discussion in the beginning of this thread about the proper CG point on this plane.
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