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Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
Yes, although I put that point another couple hundred yards upslope.

I'd say a coupla hundred yards at 8km and we are both right on top of the plane.

This is assuming he was still riding that ridge down trying to be a showoff (LOL) - and also assuming that he still had home off of the right wing anywhere from 1 to 90 degrees (depending on actual trajectory). My guess is that home was actually 1 - 45 degrees off to the right of the nose when the lights went out.

To the OP... the thick yellow line is where you misjudged... there is a ridge there - JUSSSST enough to pinch you out if you were riding that ridge low. Looking straight ahead (North) it would have been easy to miss that ridge as you were flying. Checking towards home before you started that ridge-ride you would have caught it (or *I* would have caught it - LOL).

Here's a better look at what chopped you up. This is looking towards the crash site from the launch. Watch what happens to the yellow line (ridge) and the z2 pin as I drop altitude.

7000ft (asl, not AGL)

6000ft (asl, not AGL)

5000-ft (asl, not AGL)

That ridge is 2.8 miles out - you were just about a mile (or more) past that and dropping alt. There was really no other way for this one to end up.

The google Earth altitudes not being accurate really don't matter. What's matters is the terrain and that your LOS to the crash site get's erased as you drop alt running that ridge.

I could show the same thing from the planes perspective - only this time your launch coordinates pin would disappear instead of the crash area.
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